The best aesthetic devices that we offer.

Our assortment of aesthetic devices complements our comprehensive approach in aesthetic medicine, anti-aging, corrective dermatology and cosmetology.

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medistar dermaxel featured


DermaXel is a fractional CO2 laser 10600 nm and is the gold standard for facial resurfacing.
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Q-Master Plus

Q-Master Plus transforms optical energy into thermal energy and uses the principle of selective photothermolysis and heating to remove pigmentation without damaging the surrounding skin.
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AirCool is a device that generates cold exhaust air up to - 35° C and is used during laser treatments to reduce discomfort, minimize discomfort and accelerate recovery.
medistar carbox featured


Carbox heats the CO2 gas and applies it in a targeted manner deep into the skin for a therapeutic effect. Along with improving circulation and oxygenation, the treatment improves the supply of nutrients and oxygen and ultimately contributes to improving the appearance of the skin.
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Ulverin R

Skin rejuvenation with Ulverin R, by applying precisely controlled RF energy directly into the targeted depth of the dermis with minimally invasive microneedles.