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Carbox heats the CO2 gas and applies it in a targeted manner deep into the skin for a therapeutic effect. Along with improving circulation and oxygenation, the treatment improves the supply of nutrients and oxygen and ultimately contributes to improving the appearance of the skin.
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Subcutaneous application of CO2 gas has a wide range of therapeutic effects.

  • skin regeneration
  • rejuvenation
  • tightening
  • healing and recovery of the skin
  • acne therapy
  • treatment of underarms
  • chin treatment
  • treatment of cellulite and fat deposits
  • stretch marks
  • regeneration of the scalp
  • stimulating hair growth

Carbox heats CO2 gas, which makes the treatment painless. Small amounts of gas are targeted and applied to a certain depth of the skin, depending on the desired therapeutic effect. The reaction to the introduced carbon dioxide increases oxygenation and circulation in the treated area, which increases the supply of nutrients and oxygen and results in an improvement in the overall appearance of the skin.

  • Simple operation
  • Automatic and manual program
  • High and low pressure sensor
  • Precise control of CO2 gas volume
  • Foot pedal for safe and fast work

The device is connected to a CO2 gas bottle


Device dimensions: 56cm(H) × 46cm(W) × 41cm(L)
Weight: 23 kg

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