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HydraCool Plus

HydraCool Plus sinergijska platforma kroz 4 aplikacije: Aqua Peel, Vibrox, Collagen Plus i Ultra Plus.
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HydraCool Plus je sinergija 4 tehnologije u jednoj platformi

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Hydra Cool Sinergy platforma zadovoljava sve potrebe ko?e u cilju njege i kozmeti?kog anti-age-a. Samo 4 koraka do sjajnog rezultata kroz inovativne tehnologije:

Aqua Peel hydrodermabrasion - the vortex system deeply penetrates the skin pores and hydrates the skin through several different solutions.

VibroX - unique technology of vibration, CO2 microdermabrasion and LED therapy. Via a gel rich in vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and peptides, Vibrox causes the Bohr effect, generates CO2 on the surface of the skin, triggers the release and generation of oxygen in the deeper layers of the skin, smoothes the surface of the skin and refreshes it.

Collagen Plus multipolar radiofrequency by controlled tissue heating at a temperature of 37°C-41°C stimulates the creation of new collagen and elastin.

Ultra plus promotes transdermal penetration of an active cocktail of hydrating and nourishing substances.


  • Aqua peel-face extension, nose area extension, 4 containers for different solutions, rinsing, adjustment of vacuum power and liquid volume
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  • Vibrox-vibrating attachment with red LED light-capsules for dermabrasion and oxygenation, massage attachment, adjustment of vibration power
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  • Collagen Plus - quadripolar radio frequency, selection of work area, frequency and energy, heating control via light indicator
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  • Ultra Plus - skin condition selection, treatment selection, preparation cartridge, automatic volume adjustment
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  • Vacuum: pressure 25kPa-90 kPa, intensity 1-8, bubble size: 10 microns, frequency: 1-3Hz
  • Vibration: 3000-5000 r/min, intensity 1-100
  • Radio-frequency: 1 MHz, power 10-15 W, intensity 10-100
  • Ultrasound: 1 MHz, power 10-15 W, intensity 1-100
  • Screen: 10,4 inch touch screen
  • Device dimensions: H 105cm × L 47cm × W40 cm
  • Weight: 29 kg
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