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CTRLZFacial, the latest platform in the OxygenCeuticals line, is a comprehensive skin care system that combines the celebrated OxygenCeuticals oxygen therapy and revolutionary HILDM technology.


Oxygen therapy is a specialized treatment program that nourishes and heals damaged skin with pure O2, while HiLDM stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin using ultrasound wave technology at different frequencies.

OxyFacial (oxygen therapy)

A specialized treatment program cleans, soothes and heals damaged skin by supplying pure oxygen solutions.

HiLDM (local dynamic micromassage with high intensity ultrasound)

Creation of collagen and elastin - Anti age and Lifting Management technology cross-applies multiple ultrasound waves (1, 3, 10, 17MHz) to selective skin layers. Combination of different frequencies at the same time for complete skin management.

The possibility of connecting a tank (tank) of pure medical oxygen for a comprehensive approach to dermatological problems.


Device dimensions: 50cm × 34cm × 103 cm

Weight: 17 kg

Pressure: 5 bara

Power: 30W


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